I will provide advice for your child with autism

provide advice for your child with autism

About This Gig

I will provide professional advice for your child with autism. Do you have difficulty managing your child's behavior due to their special needs in learning and development?

Ask a question on what is bothering you and I will provide you with solutions. It could be behaviors such as shouting, sensitive to sound, unable to follow instructions.  It could be question related to developmental issues such as poor writing skills, cutting skills.

Try out for solutions that could be a saviour to you and your precious child.  Ask one question for just $5 for more than one solution!  

I would need you to provide as much details as you can so that solutions are more specific to your concerns.  Include information such as age, specific concerns with scenarios or examples.  This would be very useful for both parties to find the right solutions for the challenge that you have in mind! 

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