I will remove 3 beliefs that stop you from attracting love

remove 3 beliefs that stop you from attracting love

About This Gig

What if I told you your beliefs set the foundation for what you'll create in relationships? There was a time when I didn't know this, and the state of my relationships was proof that I was in the dark.

I used to struggle in romantic relationships — trying to get my needs met, trying not to get hurt! But the same patterns kept happening over and over again. No matter what, I'd end up feeling disempowered and disheartened, like I could never get the love I wanted.

This experience went on for years, until finally, during a particularly difficult time in my life, I had an insight about why my relationships weren't working. The insight was:

Relationships unfold based on your beliefs about yourself. Change what's happening inside of you, and your relationships will change, too.

Was it possible that my relationships were dysfunctional because of what I believed about myself and about love? Was it possible that if I changed myself, my experience in love would change, too?

Fast forward three years later and the answer is an undeniable yes!

Don't believe it, give this gig a try. 

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