I will translate English to Filipino text or vice versa

translate English to Filipino text or vice versa

About This Gig

1-800 word translation for $5 only for my first 3 jobs here!

Hi everyone, I live and grew up in the Philippines and have a strong grasp on both English and Filipino language. Just treat me as your own translation machine for those languages.

Why shouldn't I just use google translate for this task?

  • In my opinion, If you really know the Filipino language... Google translate might not be helpful for your serious translation needs. For example, translating "I love you so much baby" through google translate would probably give you a different reaction from the reader. It will be translated into "Mahal kita kaya magkano ang sanggol?" which when translated back into English would be "I love you so how much is a baby?" LOL!

Why use my services?

  • Results within 3 days
  • Choose between casual or formal translation tones.
  • Choose casual translation tones for your personal messages. I'll not just translate your text literally word by word, I would use the best word appropriate for the situation. Your reader/s would immediately feel the connection to you like the language barrier was nonexistent!
  • Choose formal translation tones for your business messages to keep things professional.

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3 days delivery