I will get you to your ULTIMATE online potential

get you to your ULTIMATE online potential

About This Gig

Here you will get your complete five categories Online-User-Experience Optimization with your very own Webcast  - > focused on your target audience. 

This gig deliverable also includes a 30 minutes personalized LIVE-SKYPE session

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7 days delivery

The Dream Package

Your User-Experience Over the Rainbow Webcast + Skype Session

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Zi ? (ii-lightning-round)
    Your 2nd favorite [DESIGN] program? Photoshop What CSS Processor are u using? None. TextEdit What's your go to 'make me happy' movie? Amélie What's your 2nd favorite [PROGRAMMING] language? Python Do u code better sad or happy? Coding makes me happy
  • 2. What am I getting from you ?
    A one sheet PDF which both analyze and optimize(!) your webpage (including your Online User Experience score based on seven Ux matrices) + a Webcast focusing on these seven matrices + a follow-up LIVE session driving it all home!
  • 3. What are Ux-matrices ?
    They are the building block for an effective user experience, meaning - > experience that affect your bottom line. To name a few: interface design, navigation design, architecture of information, technical constraints, website or application objectives, etc.
  • 4. Who can Dance ?
    “Every Savage Can Dance.”
    ~Jane Austen