I will get you to your ULTIMATE online potential

get you to your ULTIMATE online potential
get you to your ULTIMATE online potential

About This Gig

Here you will get your complete five categories Online-User-Experience Optimization with your very own Webcast  - > focused on your target audience. 

This gig deliverable also includes a 30 minutes personalized LIVE-SKYPE session

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The Dream Package

Your User-Experience Over the Rainbow Webcast + Skype Session

7 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Zi ? (ii-lightning-round)
    Your 2nd favorite [DESIGN] program? Photoshop What CSS Processor are u using? None. TextEdit What's your go to 'make me happy' movie? Amélie What's your 2nd favorite [PROGRAMMING] language? Python Do u code better sad or happy? Coding makes me happy
  • 2. What am I getting from you ?
    A one sheet PDF which both analyze and optimize(!) your webpage (including your Online User Experience score based on seven Ux matrices) + a Webcast focusing on these seven matrices + a follow-up LIVE session driving it all home!
  • 3. What are Ux-matrices ?
    They are the building block for an effective user experience, meaning - > experience that affect your bottom line. To name a few: interface design, navigation design, architecture of information, technical constraints, website or application objectives, etc.
  • 4. Who can Dance ?
    “Every Savage Can Dance.”
    ~Jane Austen