I will analysis your webpage and optimize your user experience

analysis your webpage and optimize your user experience
analysis your webpage and optimize your user experience

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About This Gig

How about truly transforming your online revenues? Your digital bottom line?

Heya, I am Zi. I'm a User Experience (Ui/Ux) Developer with Design background living in California. For me, Online User Experience is more then just analyzing what is there now, and how to do it better next. Sure it is part of it. Like other Computer Scientists, I see User Experience as key revamping your digital revenues. Here, you will get a clear understanding concentrating on your Ux Matrices, linked to your revenue streams. Questions like: How is your action-conversion? Are you telling your customers what they need to know? Is your online dialog peaking?

All and more are part of the process. Crucial User-Experience boosts are YOUR take-away. For additional information, please take a look at the F.A.Q below.

I look forward to connect with you.

Stay Frosty,

-- Zi

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Zi ? (lightning round)
    Your 3rd favorite programming language?Scala. Bro, Dude or Mate? First name, always. What's your usability grid? Intuitive Design+Memorability+Error Severity. Your first performance? Dorothy, Wizard of Oz. Do u code better sad or happy?Coding makes me happy
  • 2. What am I getting from you ?
    The above packages varies yet all include a one sheet PDF which both analyze and optimize(!) your webpage. This PDF includes your Online User Experience score based on three, five of seven Ux matrices.
  • 3. What are Ux-matrices ?
    They are the building block for an effective user experience, meaning - > experience that affect your bottom line. To name a few: interface design, navigation design, architecture of information, technical constraints, website or application objectives, etc.
  • 4. Why a score? Just tell me what I need to do?
    You are getting both! With the score you'll see how is your website doing compared to online bench marks, per the number of matrices you selected . The score is just a the foundation that will give you a better understanding on the second part of the PDF you'll get focusing on your major takeaways.
  • 5. Dancing?
    Yes, dancing plays a big role in my life. Put my first dancing shows when I was three yeas old. Ready to dance?