I will analyze your webpage and OPTIMIZE your user experience

analyze your webpage and OPTIMIZE your user experience

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About This Gig

How about truly transforming your online revenues? Your digital bottom line?

Heya, I am Zi. I'm a User Experience (Ui/Ux) Developer with Design background living in California. For me, Online User Experience is about revamping your digital revenues. With this gig, you will get a clear understanding concentrating on your Ux Matrices, linked directly to your revenue streams. Answers to questions like: How is your action-conversion? Are you telling your customers what they need to know? and  Is your online dialog peaking?  All and more are part of the process.

Here, crucial User-Experience boosts are YOUR take-away.

For additional information, please take a look at the F.A.Q below.

I look forward to connect with you.

Stay Frosty,

-- Zi

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Zi ? (lightning round)
    Your 3rd favorite programming language? Scala Bro, Dude or Mate? First name, always. What's your usability grid? Intuitive Design+Memorability+Error Severity. Your first performance? Dorothy, Wizard of Oz. Do u code better sad or happy?Coding makes me happy
  • 2. What am I getting from you ?
    The above packages varies yet all include a one sheet PDF which both analyze and optimize(!) your webpage. This PDF includes your Online User Experience score based on three, five of seven Ux matrices.
  • 3. What are Ux-matrices ?
    They are the building block for an effective user experience, meaning - > experience that affect your bottom line. To name a few: interface design, navigation design, architecture of information, technical constraints, website or application objectives, etc.
  • 4. Why a score? Just tell me what I need to do?
    You are getting both! With the score you'll see how is your website doing compared to online bench marks, per the number of matrices you selected . The score is part of the foundation data, giving you a better understanding on the second part of the PDF - > Your Major Takeaways! Actions!
  • 5. Dancing?
    Are you ready to dance?