I will change 5 beliefs stopping you from being healthy

change 5 beliefs stopping you from being healthy

About This Gig

Everyone wants to be healthy, but why are we not as healthy as we would like?There is a phenomenon called psychological reversal which means that even though what your conscious mind and what your unconscious mind wants is actually different.

Many times in people who are sick, they actually have beliefs that lead to them being sick which they may not even know. Some examples:
- If I am sick, I would get the love that I never get when I am well
- If I am sick, I don't have to go to work (presumably a job that is not well-liked)
- I can't bear this sadness anymore (which typically affects the lungs)
- This person is just a pain in the neck (and suddenly I really start to feel it)

What if there are beliefs preventing you from being more healthy? From being slim? From being vital?

I know very quick and easy energetic techniques that can change your beliefs (in brief, I work with the vibrations of your thoughts and beliefs to change disempowering ones to more empowering ones).