I will change 5 beliefs stopping you from your dream

change 5 beliefs stopping you from your dream

About This Gig

All of us want to achieve our dreams yet as we grow older, it seems to grow more and more distant from us.

We settle down, work hard for the family and started giving up our dreams.

Many times, there is something blocking us from achieving our life purpose. It can range from low self esteem (who am I to believe I can do it?), fear of being great (I can't stand up in front of everyone to speak), putting others first (I will start pursuing my dreams when my children are older), fear of not being able to earn enough in our dream (I still need to feed my family!), etc.

Whatever it is, in the depths of your being, you know you are being less than what the Divine has intended for you. At times, tears may flow just from the frustration of it all.

I am here to support you in that process of reaching your dream. There are certain beliefs about you, the world, your purpose, etc that is blocking you from achieving it. And in this gig, I will find 5 beliefs that are blocking you from getting closer to your dream/life purpose and change them to ones that are more empowering.