I will do a medical intuitive reading for you

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do a medical intuitive reading for you

About This Gig

What is medical intuition? I can tap into your energetic field (or anyone's field who has given permission, yes, that includes your mum and dad) to find out information about your health. It has been uncannily accurate, but I will leave it to you to find out for yourself :)

I will not diagnose any illnesses or diseases (or the doctors are going to come after me), but I can tell you in this gig:

1)  your overall health status (well, mildly ill, moderately ill, seriously ill and very seriously ill),
2) which 3 organs in the body are the weakest,
3) what is the one main issue that is causing the organs dysfunction. 

This gig would provide great insights as to what to do to move towards optimal wellness, especially if you or someone you know is ill.