I will retrieve one of your lost soul fragments

retrieve one of your lost soul fragments

About This Gig

Do you feel any of the following?

  • - Emotional emptiness
  • - Use of external sources to fill a void within may be an addiction alcohol, drugs, food, etc.  
  • - Pushing people away emotionally
  • - Part of me went with him/her when (s)he left/died
  • - (S)he took a piece of my heart ; (S)he took my heart
  • - Not feeling in control
  • - I haven t felt like myself / felt the same since
  • - Feeling of loneliness deep within 
  • - Feeling of being disconnected
  • - Scattered feeling
  • - Not able to get over, or move beyond, an issue/experience even though trying to do so
  •  - Angry in general, or angry at everyone else.
  • Any trauma we go through has the capability of creating soul fragmentation -losing a part of our soul.

    A portion of our soul flees oftentimes staying trapped in the moment of the trauma as the rest of our physical body and soul moves forward in time.

    We, over our lifetime, can displace, lose or give away many parts of our soul, leaving us feeling empty or incomplete and we don't even know it!

    Soul retrieval is a shamanic technique to bring the lost fragment back and re-integrate it back to you.