I will create an efficient banner Ad HTML5 Flash JPG

Our 4th job with Zilara, As always GREAT!
Reviewed by prehemptive 8 months ago
No communication since the order was delivered, I paid for a flash banner, she has delviered a GIF and marked as completed, I need modifications and I'm getting nothing back. Not at all happy
Reviewed by helenjoronen over 1 year ago
Zilana worked tirelessly with revisions to make sure all the work is done as per requirement. Very satisfied with the end result.
Reviewed by ttzwolf almost 2 years ago
create an efficient banner Ad HTML5 Flash JPG
create an efficient banner Ad HTML5 Flash JPG
create an efficient banner Ad HTML5 Flash JPG

About This Gig

>For just a $5 you will get 1 banner frame design in JPG or PNG format.<

Animated formats:

  • SWF (Flash) or HTML5 
  • +40$ 1st size and +20$ each next resize +$5 for basic storyboard (per each frame)

PORTFOLIO goo.gl/tn22ms

In case, you are going spend some budget for an online ad campaign - I always recommend to use animated banners. 
Due to my practice - CTR is much higher if you use awesome animated banners.

What is CTR?
The click-through rate is the number of times a click is made on the advertisement divided by the total impressions (the number of times an advertisement was served):
Click-through rate =Click-throughs(#)/Impressions(#)

CTR rates due to my experience:
- Static, not animated JPG Ad CTR=<1%
- Interactive HTML5 Ad CTR=2,5-5%

Why HTML5?
I recommend HTML5 because there are more than 6,5 billion smartphone users expected in 2016 by emarketer and HTML5 ads is a smart choice.

Here are some facts about HTML5:
  • Mobile support which allows your content to be viewed on smartphones and other mobile devices
  • SEO support is one of the biggest advantages of HTML5 for modern-day marketers aiming to rank higher on search engines
  • HTML5 allows you to create mobile responsive advertisements