I will perform a 6 Month Forecast Tarot Reading for $5

perform a 6 Month Forecast Tarot Reading
perform a 6 Month Forecast Tarot Reading

About This Gig

Want to know what your 6 month forecast for a new business venture? See what the immediate future holds for your work or home environment? Family and loved ones? Finances or business?

I am a practicing psychic for 40-plus years, and I've used various sources for divination finding cartomancy performed most accurately for me.

I have an attuned Tarot deck which I've used for over 20 years. Depending on the area of your life you wish to have forecast, I will perform for you a 6 month forecast card spread which I've specifically designed to provide illumination and guidance for the decisions you are facing in the following months. 

You will receive a personalized pdf report which will include an image of your specific card spread, as well as discoveries and impressions as I read the cards for you.