I will proofread and edit your document up to 1000 words

proofread and edit your document up to 1000 words

About This Gig

It is not just enough to write any document, it's equally, if not more  important to write it well. According to a research, it's more harmful to the image of the writer not to write well than not to write at all.

Nothing is as disgusting to intelligent audience as a poorly written document. Let's examine these sentences;
  • Let's eat, James.
  • Let's eat James.
You can imagine how distorted your views can be if not properly proofread!

Why pitch your order with me?
I am a professional writer with over 9 years experience as an editor. I have ghost-written 11 books and 18 mini e-books.
I am here on Fiverr to share with you my wealth of experience by proofreading and editing your documents for a super-cheap Fiverr fee.

You should expect the following from me;
  1. A riddance of all grammatical blunders including wrong use of tenses, use of right adjectives, interesting adverbs, etc
  2. Perfect punctuations.
  3. Error-free spellings.
  4. Alignment of paragraphs in perfect flow of thoughts.
  5. And making the document generally lively and interesting.

This gig is just for a beautiful standard English per 1000 words. If your document needs extensive proofreading or re-writing, please message me before ordering. **