I will introduce you to and answer questions about singapore

introduce you to and answer questions about singapore

About This Gig

If you are planning to travel to the tiny red dot in South East Asia called Singapore, I can help you by introducing you to Singapore.

I can give you recommendations on the food, where to go, what to buy and what to see. Heard of Sim Lim Square and the horror stories of tourists getting scammed? I can teach you how to avoid that. Want to try Singaporean food but not sure how to look for them or how they taste like? I can tell you more. I can answer questions about Singapore like matters regarding to culture (Kiasuism, "face", "choping" seats), language (Singlish, languages used in Singapore) or the nation (the educational system, the history, laws).

If you need to do a survey about Singapore, I can do that too!

I DO NOT help people open bank accounts, do paperwork or conduct physical tour guiding.

Contact me to negotiate the pricing. Typically, I can answer three short questions or one long one for a gig. I can do one short survey for a gig or a long one for two.

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Answer questions about Singapore

Answer some of your questions about Singapore