I will check email list,email adress

check email list,email adress
check email list,email adress

About This Gig

For every list you'll receive an Always Email Assurance Report.
This report provides you the percentage of subscribers falling in each Email Assurance Grade category.
This will help you to make an informed purchase decision - we believe it should always to know the status of your email list, at any time. Your Email List Assurance Report will provide you with the following information.

Deliverable ( Percent)- These addresses are always Safe!
 Not deliverable (Percent)- These emails are unsafe to send to!

Accepts-all (Percent)-We do not recommend sending to the "Accepts-All" category.

Basic Gig

20K emails for 5$ only on Fiverr

P.S. I only check status for your email list,not clean and validate.
     For clean and validate look my other gig