I will answer any copyright question

answer any copyright question

About This Gig

If you want immediate answer to your questions - this is the gig to come to.

Please buy one gig first before you ask any question pertaining to Intellectual Property (IP) - Copyright, Patent, Trademark, DMCA.

I will tell you where to go, how to do the application and how to protect your work and send you links.
Maximum of 3 questions per gig.

Please buy one gig before asking any questions or contact me with your questions for a quote. If you must ask questions please buy one gig first. You will not be able to go to a copyright lawyer's office and get free advice, I work very hard at providing consultation so please respect my gig. I do not do the application.

IP is a tricky topic for most layperson but with my help you will come out of the woods informed.
Protect your work and respect the work of others.

For a copyright contract visit my other gig or buy the extra gig.