I will give Self Publishing consultation

give Self Publishing consultation

About This Gig

Do not embark on a journey of self-publishing without my consultation. I have been doing this for a long time and I have 100% satisfied clientele.

My consultation is a catapult for your books' manifestation.
I'll show you how to retain all rights, creative control and keep 100% of the profit. You'll learn to self-publish with minimum investment and answer only to yourself.

I'll consult in ways to publish. We'll discuss your goals, timeframe, budget, and the support you need. Together we'll map the right path for you to self-publish. You'll be provided with invaluable information to get your book into production.
You will be in for surprises if you do it alone. You will loose money and pay for services you don't need. 
Self-publishers make many mistakes and often because they think they know it all. It's only simple if you know what is out there and who is out to get you. You can avoid the pitfalls by simply following my tips. Even if you do not know how the entire process works, you will be knowledgeable once I finish explaining your queries.