I will show you how to apply for canadian isbn

show you how to apply for canadian isbn

About This Gig

I will show you how to get FREE Canadian ISBN for ONE gig only.
You will know how to apply for and maintain a CISS account.

  1. 1 gig for ISBN application information
  2. 1 gig for the CIP application information
  3. 1 gig for making a Legal Deposit information
  4. 1 gig on Canadian Copyright Application information
  5. 1 gig for US Copyright Application information
Please take your time to read the description and don't forget to order the extra gigs if you need additional service.
I do not do the application, you will be doing it yourself by receiving the information.SO please buy 5 gigs.


Order Details

3 days delivery

Copyright Contract

One copyright contract with unlimited revisions. You'll have to provide all the necessary info.

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