I will give you total wordpress security

give you total wordpress security

About This Gig

Basically we made web site but we did know that my web site is secure or not its very important to give security in any wordpress or our shop security.I will ensure your web site security and i ensure the monitoring system in your web site.

This work is little but very important and effective.

What i do
I Add one plugins and add some code in your site to make restriction.And also make some rules using this and developed monitoring system

Restrict. Restrictive access control.
Restrict your wp-admin
Monitor. Monitor your logs.
Reduce your scope.

I give you complete protection there hacker or any virus can not attack your web site

Why You order 
7+ years Experience in web development
Good reputation
Skilled Coder
Does the Job Securely
Always keeps the customer happy

You can send me massage before order or see extra option