I will proofread and edit 1,200 words in less than 24 hours

proofread and edit 1,200 words in less than 24 hours

About This Gig

Hello, I'm Zulmarie. I love to read, write, and proofread papers. I've been doing so for friends and classmates for years, and I'd love to help you out!

I am most comfortable and experienced with proofreading and editing academic papers, essays, and lab reports, but I am also willing to proofread resumes, blog posts, and any other type of document you'd like!

I am very meticulous when it comes to proofreading papers and am quite a perfectionist. I will thoroughly proofread 1,200 words in less than a day.

I will:
  • check for spelling errors
  • check for grammar and punctuation errors
  • check for continuity and flow throughout the document
  • check and revise sentence structure
  • provide tips to improve the quality of your work

I will use Microsoft Word's Track Changes feature to edit your document. You will receive two versions of your document after it is edited: one that shows all of my corrections and suggestions and another that consists of the edited work without all the markings.

My goal is to give you a reader's perspective of your work, help you to catch mistakes you might have missed, and help you become a better writer overall!

Order Details

Proofread/edit of 1,200 words

I will check spelling, grammar, punctuation, flow, sentence structure, and overall content.

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1 day delivery 1 Revision