About This Gig

★It doesn't matter how good the food is - no one wants to eat at an empty restaurant or be the first to put money in the street performer's hat. Blogs are the same way!★ You might have the best writing or photography skills in the world, but if your page appears dead, people won't stay long. ♦Seeing comments from real people lets everyone know that you've got something worth saying - and that people really want to listen and spend time checking it out.♦ I will leave 10 well thought out comments, related to your entry or entries from real looking visitors! When it comes to comments, it's all about ★quality★ - you want people to see that your users are intelligent and engaged and that they really love what you've got to say! They will be in grammatically correct English and can be spread out over 1 blog or 10 blogs - it's up to you! Want to order 20? Just order a 2nd gig!★As a bonus to you, my visits will come from a browser with the Alexa toolbar installed!★

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