I will create mass landing pages using MPC Mass Webpage Creator

create mass landing pages using MPC Mass Webpage Creator

About This Gig

I will create individual mass landing pages to help target different keywords  for multiple cities and towns and gain more traffic and generate more sales.  Great for Lead Generation Sites.

 I will use MPC mass webpage creator program. I can create campaigns for localized landing pages for every city, town ect in Canada, US, UK or other countries.

Campaigns can reach into the 1000s, 10,000s , 100k or more to give you real coverage.

Google loves local pages and they are really easy to rank for in the organic searches.

MPC is a powerful program that allows you to individualize each page from the URL, to the meta data, and content. It can also spin content on the page so each page is seen as unique to the search engines. Therefore no penalties from duplicate content. I can add in google maps, weather widgets, Yelp listings, youtube videos ect all that will customized to each individual webpage i create for you.

 You must Contact me In Advance for Quote for your project.If you do not contact me first i will cancel order.

Each gig is different depending on how many keywords you are wanting to target, how many different products, how many cities ect. Most gigs will be about $100+