I will track any 5 Google Analytics Events for $5

/ 1 Days On Average
track any 5 Google Analytics Events
track any 5 Google Analytics Events

About This Gig

Do you want to track things like Affiliate clicks ,Email signups, Popups,Download links in Google Analytics Event Tracking?

Then this gig is for you!  Track anything with Google Analytics including affiliate clicks, email sign ups, shopping funnels & more?

What is included in this gig?

  • This gig includes tracking only five events
  • Setting up event tracking goal based on these five events

Benefits Derived

  • You can identify which traffic source sent the most conversions
  • You can identify which page converts the most affiliate clicks
  • You can identify which affiliate program is performing the best for which traffic source


If you need some extra work done, then I offer these extra services.

  • I will integrate GA code into your Wordpress website
  • I will track your video on Vimeo or Youtube

Custom Order

If you require any custom orders then place an order or send your requirement and specifications. And I will get back to you with an offer.

In case you have any query. You can message me


Arif Ahmed