I will write you a special poem

write you a special poem

About This Gig

I will write a 24 line poem specifically for you! 
Send me your name, what you do for a living, maybe your likes a dislikes, etc. 
And I will corporate them all into a beautiful poem.
If you would like, you can also pick the style of poem!
Funny, sensual, sad, angry, rhyming, non-rhyming, whatever you would want!

This would be a great gift for a family member or significant other.

Here's an example of my work:

Her heart belongs to the roses but her eyes are on the thorns.

She knows they will puncture her soul

the reprehension of past conversations remain.

The thoughts of what could be restored stood still

Her curiosity sojourned in her discombobulated head.

The thorns were almost immortal, perfect and untouched,

The roses were bittersweet yet had a smell of nature,

Raindrops glistened on the petals, in sheer beauty.

One a beautiful sight and the other unnatural,

yet she was drawn to them both in a similar way.

She cries in torment and yells of defeat.

Her sorrows will never vacate the wits that she once knew.

Her life falls to a pit of despair,

she tries to regain composure but her battle had been lost.

Speechless, she prays that her emotions will consume themselves...

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