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  - General Cleansing - General Cleansing - Medicine Wheel - General Cleansing - Medicine Wheel - Healing for household members and animals.
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About This Gig

Check my new video above to hear my voice and more information about this gig!

I will give you a brief voice file sharing how did the session go.

The importance of home clearings.

When we move into a new home we clean it vigorously.  It is very important to clean the energy field in our home as well.  Your focus should be having the highest and best energy in your home, removing all energy that bring less than that.  When we do"spring cleaning" in our residence, we should also think about cleaning it metaphysically to increase the energy of our home. This way it will be easier for all the household members to manifest abundance and having a + harmonious life.

What does a remote home clearing involve?

This is a distance blessing for $5, I will send energy to your home and remove unneeded energy. I do offer extras if you want to focus specifically on one or + areas of your home, otherwise, the entire room will receive this blessing without specific focus on a certain room or energy. I will also give some advice in what to do to keep the energy at the highest state possible.. I will share  a  brief mp3 file stating how did it go.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to be at home or awake for this session?
    These healings are sent in various times of the day. I set the intention to these to be sent to the home directly as well as your higher self. The energy will be then be download at the highest and best moment, normally during sleep as well as the time your home is empty (especially of humans)