I will read your shadow side with a shadow Tarot

read your shadow side with a shadow Tarot
read your shadow side with a shadow Tarot
read your shadow side with a shadow Tarot
read your shadow side with a shadow Tarot
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Description Single Deeper Profound
  - Voice (4-5 mins) - One/Two questions - Voice (10 mins) - One/Two questions - Healing Session - Voice (25 mins) - Multiple questions. - Healing Session. - Chakra Balance. - Cord Cutting
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About This Gig

Check my new video above to hear my voice and more information about this gig!

▓▓▓▓IF YOU WANT A WRITTEN READING: Please send me a message▓▓▓▓

Connecting with our shadow side is necessary and on the long run, very productive. If we are in this planet Earth, it means that we have lessons to learn, as human beings, we have both a Light side and a Shadow side. Most work is done through our Light side, however, we also may have lessons from our Shadow side. There are some facts about us that are affected by our shadow.

This Tarot Deck connected with me just for the purpose of offering these readings here! Ask something at a personal level,  and using one card as well as tapping into your shadow side, I will share what is going on. 


In a single order, when you order ten questions, you will get a free healing session. If you order twenty questions, you will get both a free healing session as well as a chakra/aura cleansing-balancing.

I follow my intuition and I allow myself to be guided by Spirit. Please, do be aware that I do not sugar-coat my readings and you will get only and all the truth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does OMNI include:
    OMNI($200) Includes: - 1 hour voice reading: You can ask as many questions as you need. All sources of light will be tapped. - 1 hour complete healing: Chakras, Aura, Akashic Records, Physical Body, Energy. Healing List. - Home cleansing & medicine wheel. - Energetic protection to the household.
  • Do I need to set some time aside for the healing?
    These healings are sent in various times of the day. I set the intention to these to be sent to the healee's higher self and for the energy to be sent during the time the healee will be the most receptive (normally during sleep.)
  • Do you do written readings?
    Yes, but you need to contact me so I can send you a quote. Basically, you need to buy two gigs for each gig you want by voice. The prices for written readings doubles. A $30 voice reading equals $60 in writing.
  • Are shadow readings dark?
    Nope. Quite the contrary. Some issues may be "hidden" within your shadow self and through this type of reading, said energy can be accessed to understand and outgrow it!