I will share with you a past life for $5

/ 5 Days On Average
share with you a past life
share with you a past life
share with you a past life
share with you a past life

About This Gig

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▓▓▓▓IF YOU WANT A WRITTEN READING: Please send me a message▓▓▓▓

Readings are delivered in a voice file and they last between 2-4 minutes (Contact for written)

If you have no question for this gig, I will give you a soul profile as well as past life.

All the information from your Past Lifes comes from your Akashic Records. 

Please note:
This is a Past Life reading and even though I will try to relate it with your current life for your Soul growth and development, it might have nothing to do with your current life. Also, if you are expecting me to say that you were a Deity, that you were Queen of Britain or William Shakespeare, this reading is not for you, as it is very unlucky for this to be the case. 

I follow my intuition and I allow myself to be guided by Spirit. Please, do be aware that I do not sugar-coat my readings and you will get only and all the truth. If you just seek to receive what you want to listen, you should be aware that you will get what Spirit shares despite being good or bad news.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Written Readings Pricing
    Written readings have an additional $10 for each $5 worth of voice readings. Here is a table with one of the most popular options: $5 one question reading (voice): $15 (total) in written. $20 Deeper reading gig extra (voice): $60 (total) in written. I will be sending you a quote. Contact me.
  • Do I need to set some time aside for the healing?
    These healings are sent in various times of the day. I set the intention to these to be sent to the healee's higher self and for the energy to be sent during the time the healee will be the most receptive (normally during sleep.)