I will produce Orchestral Music and Score

produce Orchestral Music and Score
produce Orchestral Music and Score
produce Orchestral Music and Score

About This Gig

Will be producing and composing Orchestral Music to your needs. Whether it be as :

- An independent track

- Film / Short Film / Documentary score

- Educational Purposes

Tracks will be made according to your specifications. All the sounds will be created using  High Quality sample libraries.

The track will be delivered to you in both a 24 bit WAV format and a 320 Kbps mp3 format.

Order Details

5 days delivery 2 Revisions


Create Orchestral Music For any medium including Film, Short Film, Plays, Documentary etc...

  • Unlimited Instruments
  • HQ Audio File
  • Commercial Use
Number of seconds
This Package includes 600 words. For each additional 60 words, the price is $5.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to provide for a FILM/ SHORT FILM / DOCUMENTARY
    A video file of the said FILM/ SHORT FILM / DOCUMENTARY in any standard video format like .MOV or .AVI . If u dont have a finished video to give then a script or a description of the concept, story, plot or characters would be helpful in the scoring process.
  • Would it help if I provide pictures or descriptions of what I want the track to be like ?
    Yes. It would be very helpful. Especially if u want an independent track or theme music
  • What do u need to create a theme music ?
    A detailed description of the theme. What ideas or concepts u want resonated in the music. The mood u want to create etc...
  • Do u use real instrument recordings ?
    For String, Brass, and other sections I use Sample Libraries. But I may use real recordings for solo instruments like Violin Flute etc. Also sometimes I may record drums kits and guitars.