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Description Short Film Coverage TV Spec/Pilot Coverage Feature Film Coverage
  Package for scripts ≤ 15 pages. Includes: Log Line, Grading & Comments. Package for scripts ≤ 65 pages. Includes: Log Line, Grading & Comments. Package for scripts ≤ 125 pages. Includes: Log Line, Grading & Comments.
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15 65 125
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About This Gig

Coverage packages are ordered based on the length of your script: Short (≤15 pages), TV (≤65 pages) or Feature (≤125 pages). All packages include a Log Line, Grading and Comments.

  • Log Line: a one to two sentence summary addressing the overall plot and hook of your project
  • Grading: an evaluation of your screenplay's premise, plot, characterization, dialogue and production value rated on a scale from excellent to poor
  • Comments: a constructive critique of your story, elaborating on the Grading

Your PDF script will be annotated with line and scene specific notes. While your coverage will give you a sense of how aspects of your script are working overall, script notes provide directed feedback, questions and suggestions to help you improve specific sections of your script.

You will receive a detailed summary of the major events in your story. This is an opportunity to find scenes that the reader is misunderstanding so you can revise them to be clearer and stronger. The synopsis is also a great tool for pitching your project as it is a concise summary of your entire story.