I will attune you to the Divinus Magicis Lux

attune you to the Divinus Magicis Lux

About This Gig

This attunement  allows you to us a powerful energy flows ,Divine light that  provides a huge increase in vibration,expansion of consciousness,purification of the soul ,alignment of the aura and the energy  body to GOD and His energy.

It promotes spiritual awakening,medial and psychic skills and the integration of shimmering,Divine light in all respects and at all levels .A deep connection to the Divine will be build and “new “ angels arrive to your side. Activate this powerful energy as often as your heart tells you. Use it intuitively .

You can use this energy to manifest money , love , healing, protection,job ,anything

All my attunements are automatic , you will be attuned no matter where byou are and what you are doing and you will need to do nothing nor say anything to be attuned.

Also you will receive a manual after the attunement and you also  will be able to attuned others.

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Attunement to Divinus Magicis Lux

This is attunement to the Divine Light of God. You can use this light for healing,wealth,etc

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