I will attune you to Reflect Back all Psychic Attacks

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attune you to Reflect Back all Psychic Attacks
attune you to Reflect Back all Psychic Attacks

About This Gig

purchase with extra gigs autonomous for the amazing result :)

This energy system sends back any negative energy that others have sent to you. Sometimes it is intentionally sent to you and other times the person may not even be aware they have sent this energy to you.  This system is so easy to use and it instantly gets rid of the negative energy and sends it back to the person it came from. This is a magick energy infused system.

this energy system to deflect all
  •  negative energy spells
  • binds
  •  jinx
  • HEX/voodoo
  • all the Negative energy/entity
  • evil eye curse
  • negative cords 
  • black magic
  • etc

Whenever you are under psychic attack, use the energy of  Reflect Back Shield to return the negative energy sent to you back to the sender. Any time someone wishes bad things for you, for whatever reason, their negative energy can cause you serious problems that interfere with your life.

psychic attacks can cause confusion , bad luck and more

permanent usage , pure positives energy

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reflect back attunement

do magick reiki reflect back that works autonomous and clear,heal,align your body energy& chakra

3 days delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

  • is this spell ?
    no, this an energy attunement and its lifetime uses will not worn off ( extra gigs autonomous )
  • how long i will see the effect ?
    the effect you will feel soon after you get attuned and activate it