I will do permanent multipurposes metapsychical energy charging

do permanent multipurposes metapsychical energy charging
do permanent multipurposes metapsychical energy charging

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Description 1 custom benefits in one 6 custom benefits in one multipurpose remote energy charging
  top purchases: protection and Attraction the power are 10x better than basic package -extra 3 benefits the power of charged energy are equal with grandmaster energy level get all the benefits
Delivery time 2 days 2 days 3 days
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About This Gig

Limited Offers only

i will do remote  Charging multi purpose energies permanently into your items like

  • Gemstone
  • Rings 
  • pendant
  • crystals
  • perfume
  • Accessories
  • websites

distant transfer technique i'm using high Metapsychical energy transfer  that  strongly fast impact to our body

gladly to introduce this rare offers worldwide

THIS for people who like "INSTANT" function without do any special instruction , attunement or initation !
once you wear  the energy automatically and flow to your energy system

sincerely in local i do offer this for
$50-$200 each charging energies but for introduction here i will do start from $15

here some list of benefit .. basic gigs are 2 benefits .. you just need to send the picture of item that want to get charged  .. this prochedure  i will do in 1 day

custom benefit you can choose:

  • Protection (ex from thug,negative people,energy,entity)
  • client attraction
  • repel and remove evil eye curse
  • Energy Generator
  • money magnet
  • Love attractions
  • Confidence & Charisma
  • intellegent booster
  • stamina & Endurance
  • healing booster
  • and many more!

there are no spirits ,spells ,ascended master ,Gods/Goddess that involved in this services
only pure positives energy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • who can use this services?
    everyone, from any belief and people who need extra energy without stressing out from any instruction or attunement ... its simple
  • any prequisites to receive this?
    trust and faith ... the energy are real and no Bullshit on this
  • how long i can see the result?
    mostly immediately fast depends with your health and mind focus too ..
  • can i sense the energy for the sample ?
    above at the gigs picture are the example of energy that i already injected with protection type simply gazing it ..the energy will run to your whole body
  • this permanent energy?
    yes the energy are permanent