I will remove negative entities and Negative Energies

remove negative entities and Negative Energies

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Description removing negative energy and entity deep clearing package total clearing and healing
  general removing negative energy and negative entity that will remains for 3 days deeper clearing than basic package the energy clearing will remains for 7 days includes positive energy attunement and will support positive energy to heal the metapsyhic wounds
Delivery Time 3 days 3 days 3 days
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About This Gig

clearing area  include
Clear and seal aura,chakra & meridian
cut negative cords
clear energy blockage

many people didnt know mostly people got disturbed by negative entities
most common things that negative entities and negative energy attached at their house and a person

Feeling lost, stuck, or unable to move on.

* Unable to let go of the past hurts.

* Unable to control own emotions or thought.

* Feeling betrayed, abandoned and left out.

* Feeling not whole without someone else and needy of someone else.

* Feeling depressed,confused, overly stressed and anxious

* Feeling empty, devastated, self-hating, cannot focus

* Feeling emotionally numb, crippled and torn apart

* Feeling without power to change own life

*Feeling Haunted and bad Dreams

* feel exhausted



tibetan Vajra Gtummo .

angelic forces

Etheric Samurai sword

u might feels warm,calm , relaxed, vibration ,breeze sensation , sleppy even tired during or after cleansing sessions


  • full name & DOB / place location ,
  •  attached photo of the person / location

Frequently Asked Questions

  • what do i do during clearing progress?
    lay down or take a relax position on the bed/chair /sofa