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  ISHANA level 1-6 channel the energy manifest on heart chakra ca be taken after taking ISHANA ..ability to influence other 1weeks after ISHANA VAJRA... grants the power of minds
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About This Gig

Ishana Vajra Nath™ means Rays of God that govern the universe. The universe refers to the
world of human beings (Micro-Cosmic)-human life.
Ishana Vajra Nath™ is energy which is centered in the Anahata Chakra. This energy is able
to restore or activate the actual and natural ability of human as a Co-Creator; it’s restore
and activates natural ability of humans to create and manifesting all the things they have in mind.

After obtaining the activation, Ishana Vajra Nath™ will work automatically and
continuously in the practitioners body as a protector, and working in all the things done by
practitioners in daily life. Such as healing, business, career, love and other relationships. In Ishana Vajra Nath™ there is no special training required, after receiving the activation, the Ishana Vajra Nath energy will flow and worked constantly, especially working at the time when needed.

attunement description on pdf

i'm ishana vajra shiva level and i'm authorized to pass up to ishana vajra rudra