I will professionally Master Your Song

professionally Master Your Song

About This Gig

Hey! Glad to meat you, guys!
I will gladly Master your music in reasonable short time. Any genres are welcome, just make sure your music will correspond with next:

Only First 10 buyers! I will master 2 songs instead of 1 for you!

Level 2 seller, 100% satisfaction with service!

For mastering I accept 1 Wave/AiFF/mp3 file per 1 gig.
Please make sure your music has no clipping and has room for processing (-6db usually).
Please switch off master load section in your DAW before exporting file, do not use compressors, exciters, limiter on master BUS.

Mastering will include:
Stereo Widening
Bass Enhancement
Adding Ambiance
de-clicking, de-crackling
Loudness Maximization
Other needed work, if possible and necessary

I use Presonus Studio One 3 and HI-End plug-ins for mastering and all my experience to carefully and effectively process your music.

I will deliver:

1 HQ 320 kbs mp3 file
1 CD quality 16 bit/44.1kHz file

If you want your song mixed and mastered, please see my other gig

Please read FAQ lower on this page before ordering first time and feel free to contact me with any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is and What Is'nt Mastering
    Mastering is Optimizing the Overall Sound, when the song is already mixed, all layers processed and mixed in 1 file Mastering isn't work with your song right after you record it and want to process instruments, vocals, add effects. This is mixing. Check my other gig for mixing + mastering