I will create jquery based html5 custom audio player

create jquery based html5 custom audio player
create jquery based html5 custom audio player
create jquery based html5 custom audio player

About This Gig

I will create a Jquery based html5 audio player exactly matching with the layouts of your exiting website.
You can ask for bar type player or any other shape you want (not complicated shapes ;) ).
What will you get in package.
You just have to give me a screen shot of your webpage and color codes of your website heading and other colors mostly used in your website.
If you want  , you also can send me a Psd file of player and i will create a player like that .( Should not be a complicated shape . better would be flat).

  • Well customized audio player ready to rock.
  • easy to use with the help of functions on events.
  • Including Play , Pause , Stop, Replay , Repeat buttons.
  • Full responsive and adjustable on the mobile website.
  • Smooth audio playing (depends on the internet speed you know ;) ).
  • Animations going on while music is being played.
  • All the functionalities of normal audio players like progress bar , volume bar ,mute button , skip through the audio etc.
  • Layout will be according to your choice like fixed or sticky type or normal as you want.
  • User Friendly and Eye catching (Of course).
  • Something I missed ? you say me , May be that is also included in already . !
  • Later modifications (only style).

Order Details

Jquery based custom html5 audio pla

i will create a well customized audio player built in jquery matching with the layout of your site.

  • Test Script
  • 1 Source Mine/Scraped
  • 1 Page Mined/Scraped
  • Install Script
2 days delivery 2 Revisions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you integrate it in wordpress.
    Well the answer would be yes of course . I will integrate it into wordpress for you.
  • It conssist of playlist ?
    Well , no It does not . But you can pay me extra 5$ in addition to get a fully working and featured playlist with it.
  • is it responsive ?
    Yes of course it will be responsive and mobile supported.
  • what audio formats will this support. ?
    Well it is difficult to say that what audio formats are supported by this but we have to compromise on mp4 audio as it is supported on all the browsers now days.