I will shamanic visionary theta healing session


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Description Karma & Ancestoral Ancestoral Healing Shamanic Healing
  Karmic & Ancestoral Clearing Healing Session Clearing & Healing Ancestoral Lineage Basic mini Visionary Healing Journey
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About This Gig

This is a Shamanic Healing Visionary Soul Retreival Journey that I perform on
your behalf.  I work with retreiving lost soul aspects parts or our Psyche
which have become lost or fragmented from our wholeness.

Throughout our childhood there are instances where we became Frozen
and fragmented from our situation in order to protect ourselves.

We have lost wounded Inner Children that need to be reclaimed in order to
live with more Wholeness Peace and Love.

I work within Sacred Nature Sacred Space I go into deep meditation and
work with your higher self and your guardians and guides to work with
reclaiming these Lost Selves and bring them back into your
presant day self.


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  • winsomeeg

    I will use this healer again! Can't wait to validate results!

  • s

    Thank you so much Angelheart!!

  • b

    Absolutely Wonderful, I would love another session indeed

    Seller's Response

    its a priviledge bless you

  • d

    Thank you so much!!! Attempting to tackle my heart chakra wounds and karmic/ancestral ties on my own was difficult and led to many unproductive detours. I am very very glad I was able to find a loving and capable healer in you. I feel more in tune with my heart and guidance. Many blessings.

    Seller's Response

    thank you for your loving message

  • jayenatior

    I wanted to know more about the non psychical of life and see what knowledge it could bring. Very interesting stuff I kinda wish the gig over let you speak with whom ever does this to dig into deeper parts that discovered through your self and see what results will bring All in all its great for discover more anyway.