I will do selective colorization to 5 photos

Fantastic work once again!
Reviewed by sharoncarson about 1 month ago
Great work
Reviewed by sharoncarson about 2 months ago
LOVE THESE !!! Thank you so much once again. You make my life so much easier, so I can concentrate on writing, and the photos are made perfect by you.
Reviewed by marymazz over 1 year ago
Wow! These are really fantastic. Thank you so much. I look forward to working with you again and again.
Reviewed by iiaatg6 over 3 years ago
thanks so much for all your help. Wonderful and considerate service.
Reviewed by acommons over 3 years ago
Good work
Reviewed by cmstothemax almost 4 years ago
Great work, as per normal.
Reviewed by suburbangeek over 4 years ago
Anushya, provided me with some beautiful and sensitive recolorizarion of my turn of the century prints. I am a return customer, several times over - I love this woman's work!
Reviewed by suburbangeek over 4 years ago
do selective colorization to 5 photos
do selective colorization to 5 photos
do selective colorization to 5 photos

About This Gig

Selective colorization makes your subject and photo stand out. Black and white photography can give very powerful meaning to a photo, but sometimes a bit of color makes it truly outstanding. I will highlight any particular area with color and leave the rest with black and white shade. Dress, background, ornaments or tattoo, anything , I shall colorize only in that particular area and leave the rest with black and white.. This gives a very beautiful effect and highlights the subjects. I will do this for 5 photos. For coloring full black and white image, please check out my other gig. If you would like to add selective color to a person, please make sure only one person in the image. If more than one person in the image needs to be colorized, it will be calculated as another photo.