I will do art commissions

do art commissions
do art commissions
do art commissions

About This Gig

i will draw any human, animal, in pixels or in ms paint.

will do-
- humans
- animals
- anime

will not do-
- mecha haha
- furries
- kissy couples

if you need other persons/animals on the picture, it will be $5 per person (please submit more than one gig for those click on "order more than one) .

shading will be an extra $5 unless you chosed pixel
but coloring is free

you will be able to select your pose or specific things you want 
you also have 3 choices on what style you prefer
1. simple and basic
2. very detailed
3. so pixel

SIGNATURE WILL BE ON IT (in a small sized font)

if you do not want any signature that will an extra $5

Order Details

3 days delivery