I will analyse your family tree using psychogenealogy

analyse your family tree using psychogenealogy

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"Psychogenealogy is a therapeutic frame which seeks to identify and treat the negative effects of transgenerational transmission within an individual person's life."

I will analyse your family tree and explain to you how the important events that occured in your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents lifes might have repercussions on your life. If you keep cheating on your wife/husband, if you always spend all your money, if you're a drug addict, if you often want to die... that doesn't necessarily make you a bad or irresponsible person. It might just be a program hidden somewhere in your brain, with the purpose of solving a problem  that was not encountered by you, but by your ancestors. If they didn't manage to solve it, you could have unconsciously tried to do it for them, even if you haven't encountered the said problem, making all the efforts your brain does to keep you far from something (stable relationship or financial situation, kids...), close to something (your parents, a pet, a particular place...) or to make you go through the same situations over and over again, useless. I will try to make you live your life, and not bear problems that aren't yours to bear.

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