I will assess your dating profile for $5

/ 2 Days On Average
assess your dating profile
assess your dating profile

About This Gig

Just what does your on-line profile really say about you?  

You've taken the time to create the perfect profile or maybe you just scrambled to have something, either way, you're trying to create an image and attract others.  But have you succeeded?  Have you conveyed what you intended to convey?  Is that cute photo of you cute or creepy to others?  Gorgeous or monstrous?  Professional or Legally Blonde?  Perhaps there's a deal breaker hidden in your profile that you might want not be aware of.  

Let me help.

I'll analyze it and give you genuine feedback.

Keep in mind: I am a 32 year old, professional (in IT), heterosexual,  English speaking, living in the US, female and that's whose assessment you will be getting.