I will answer one question using HORARY astrology

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answer one question using HORARY astrology
answer one question using HORARY astrology

About This Gig

Horary astrology works best for simple, straight forward questions.  Try to phrase your question so you can answer YES or NO.   Please be clear in what you are asking - and that you really want to hear the answer.

If you have asked the question previously to another astrologer, it is better that you give the time, date and place you first thought of the question or the time, date and place of the chart the other astrologer ran if you have it, so that I can analyse that chart instead of running a new one, as producing a new chart over and over again on the same question can lead to muddy results.

It is recommended not to re-ask the same question for at least three months unless the situation has changed.

Every question is analysed by me and is not computer generated

Ask questions that are relevant to you, such as ‘Does she love me?’ ‘Will we be together?’  ‘Will I get the job?’ 

Free will exists - no chart is written in stone!

This gig is for ONE question pertaining to ONE house in the chart relating to YOU. If you have another question pertaining to the same subject please purchase an extra gig.

If you would like to ask a question about someone else please order the extra gig.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is horary astrology?
    Horary astrology is a specialised form of astrology that can answer all kinds of questions that may be concerning you. My date, time and location is used when I understand your question.
  • Does it matter how I phrase my question?
    Yes it does! The answer depends on you knowing what it is you are asking exactly. The answer will only be as clear as your question. Avoid 'Should I?' questions - these generally provide equivocal answers which are not helpful.
  • Do I get a copy of the chart?
    No. If you want a copy of the chart just to check elsewhere if I am right or wrong then you do not trust the horary full stop and there is little point asking a question if you are not prepared to hear the answer you are given.
  • Can I ask the same question more than once?
    You can but if you don't believe the answer the first time, why would you on the second or third time of asking...
  • Why are additional services more expensive?
    Qualified horary astrologers typically charge between £100 and £150 for one question because it takes time to read a chart. The basic gig price covers finding a 'yes or no' answer anything more than this is extra due to the time factors involved.
  • Are you qualified?!
    Yes I am! I hold a Horary Craftsman Diploma from John Frawley.
  • How should I rate you?
    Be fair. Don't downgrade me because you didn't like the answer to your question. I put in a lot of work finding the answer for you. Take into consideration my service generally not the fact that you were disappointed in what you were told. Don't ask a question if you can't handle the answer!
  • What can I expect?
    You can expect an honest answer.
  • Are you ever wrong?
    No one is infallible. Even with all the rules in horary it all bears down to interpretation of those rules and different astrologers use different methods which is another reason not to ask questions repeatedly. My success rate is higher than my failures.