I will professionally master your music at our studio

professionally master your music at our studio

About This Gig

We are a UK based record label, our music is distributed on iTunes / Beatport and all other major digital stores. With over 160 thousand plays on youtube/6000+ followers on our soundcloud and over 9000 Followers on our facebook, we know good music and so do our fans. Samples of some of the tracks we have mastered can be heard here > www.youtube.com/audiorejectz > Also check out our soundcloud and FBook pages Feel free to drop us a message on any of our links to ensure this gig is legit and is actually us. I will master one of your songs (any genre/style). This gig applies Audio in WAV or MP3 format.......This is not for multi-track mixing. For the best results please make sure there is no mastering or normalization on the track and if possible try to keep the track around -4db or below prior to sending it to us for optimal results, Dont worry about sending the track to us loud, as the quieter the track is you send, the more headroom we have to master your track.....send it to us in 16 or 24bit WAV. Not happy with our work? 100% money back guarantee