I will convert and format to Createspace or KINDLE book

Another fantastic delivery from Authorscrib. I got my book perfectly formatted within 2hours. That's a record breaking delivery for a awesome job. Thank you so much. I'll definitely come back.
Reviewed by dseeker over 1 year ago
convert and format to Createspace or KINDLE book

About This Gig

I’m a self-published author of over 15 creative works and I have over a decade of experience in publishing, formatting for both Kindle and Print Books

I believe your manuscript deserve the best professional touch that I can offer.I guarantee you the best of super-fast delivery, excellence in handling your manuscript with great and polite customer care.

I will help you convert your finished manuscript in  .doc, .docx or pdf into Createspace file or Kindle accepted formats that's ready to be published.



  • Formatted file for CreateSpace and Kindle according to your instructions
  • Clickable TOC (for K-indle) and Normal TOC (for Createspace)
  • Page numbering in footer (roman numerals till TOC, after standard numbering (for Createspace)
  • Simple header (book title on the odd and author on the even pages) 

Required from you:

  • Your well edited manuscript 
  • Cover (for ebook)
  • Your required trim size (for print book)

One gig is for 40 pages and if you are also free to send me a message if you need to ask me any question - I will surely response back to you immediately

Order today and enjoy the best formatting job for your creative work