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Avri Music membership card

get your membership card today and enjoy the "money back" offer.

on each  5$ purchase on one of avrimusic gigs you will be credited back to your membership card with 0.5 $ back, you can get back maximum of 5$ for each purchase you made in avrimusic (50$ purchase)
you will be able to collect them and use it to buy again in avrimusic gigs starting with 5$(10$…15$…20$…and goes on)

for example:

1.if you buy a 20$ order you will get 2$ back on your membership card 
when collecting 5$ on your membership card you will be able to use them to buy from avrimusic gigs*.

2. You have 15$ credit in your membership card and you want to order a 20$ gig from avrimusic, you will get a discount of 15$ so you will only pay 5$.

you will also enjoy our very special offers for membership only in the future

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thank you
Avri Music 

*for more details see term and conditions agreement 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I gain credit in my membership card ?
    For every 5$ purchase you gain automatically 0.5$ to your credit .
  • When can I use my credit ?
    you will be able to use your credit once your credit balance riches the minimum of 5$ and in 5$ multiplair.
  • Can I use my credit in the same purchase that I gained it?
    No. you can use it on your next purchase.
  • Can I use my credit in other Fiverr user gigs?
    No. you may use it only on AvriMusic`s gigs.
  • Can I give my credit to other user?