I will write German articles that rock

write German articles that rock

About This Gig

As a German native and experienced editor / journalist I know how to mark the difference. 

Especially nowadays, where lot´s of articles are nearly the same, thanks to annoying „Content Marketing“ people, you need articles full of life, real stuff to get recognized and stand out from the crowd.

I will write articles that mark the difference, that are worth to be read, and are not boring after the first lines.

Key indicators

  • Perfect German without any mistakes.
  • I am able to write in several styles from Old school Duden to „Year 2016“ stuff.
  • For sure I will focus on the so called keywords, but with the heart and ken of a human being and not like an ice cold, stupid machine.
  • I do have a brilliant general knowledge, so I can write about lots of general topics. (for special interest content please just ask me).
  • Generally I am great in leisure, politics, economy, software, apps, hardware, people, sports, culture, sales, e-commerce & related topics.
  • I have a „quite high“ level in English & Spanish, but I exclusively write in German. Only that makes sense.
  • Quality has its price.

This Basic Gig contains up to 50 words.

Order Details

Just some words

This Basic Gig contains up to 50 words.

  • Up to 50 Words
6 days delivery 1 Revision