I will give you 5k forums list collected on your keywords

give you 5k forums list collected on your keywords

About This Gig

I will send you a list of 5000 unique forum domains gathered on your keywords from Google serp.

Supported forum CMS:

  •  yabb
  •  phpbb
  •  smf
  • vBulletin

I can collect mixed base of these cms or one-engine base. Pleasy specify this in your instructions.

Read this!

  1.  I will get you a 5k base - so this means: more keywords - less homogeneous base. Note if your key-words are very unique to get enough relevant results of forums in the serp, the Google can give much less relevant result for the queries.
  2.  If you need a separate file with links for every key, please specify this.
  3.  If you need to get a base with the links on topics found with your k-words, please specify this and I will NOT get the base to the forum index pages. By default I'll do this.
  4.  Specify what kind of forum cms your base should be (yabb, phpbb, smf, vBulletin). By default I'll make for you a mixed base.
  5. Note that some of collected links may be dead, I'm collecting data from Google and can not guarantee workability of all links in the moment you checking them.