I will interview or testimonial video looking to the side not at camera

Very good
Reviewed by johnsikander104 about 2 months ago
did a great job making the Bit his own
Reviewed by mbloch01 3 months ago
Excellent Work for the second time, thanks
Reviewed by tamersalah 6 months ago
AMAZING Video ! This was spot on. Thanks so much. I'm looking forward to do business with you again and again.
Reviewed by michaelfinney84 8 months ago
Perfect! Just what I was looking for. Thanks! A++++
Reviewed by dfh1222 8 months ago
Couldn't ask for more than that! Amazing job, will be back for more!
Reviewed by webtrafficyo about 1 year ago
amazing service exactly what i asked for couldn't be happier many thanks
Reviewed by barnabyroe about 1 year ago
Perfect, Thanks for the work!!!
Reviewed by techguise about 1 year ago
Top notch! Fantastic job!
Reviewed by mvpsocialmedia over 1 year ago
Excellent! Thank you!
Reviewed by creativealchemy over 1 year ago
The video looks great, I love it! Thank you for delivering it on time. I would recommend you to anyone :)
Reviewed by dafnaviv almost 2 years ago
Reviewed by coast3459 almost 2 years ago
Excellent!!! I love it! Very sincerely. I appreciate your hard work. :)
Reviewed by selfors about 2 years ago
Great job.. Out of box requirement which he did perfectly.. Thanks
Reviewed by angelguy_ over 3 years ago
Phenomenal, truly exceeded expectations.. thanks so much!
Reviewed by justpassingthru over 3 years ago
Chuck was awesome, great response time, enthusiastic effort! Great fiverr'r!
Reviewed by jambar_ over 3 years ago
Great work, on time and on character. Thanks!!
Reviewed by glassmj almost 4 years ago
Great Job!! Small issue however at time: 1:16 you left a "three two one" in the vid.. but its GREAT!
Reviewed by semiami almost 4 years ago
Very Nice! Banjoman does a very different and unique style of testimonial, which is really nice and different from any others that you have. Thank you for a job well done! I am now going to your tip jar to reward for your great service. Thank you!
Reviewed by barbie8ken about 4 years ago
wow, very natural!! great tenor, well delivered. this guy is awesome.
Reviewed by cvamadeva over 4 years ago
interview or testimonial video looking to the side not at camera

About This Gig

OVER 4,000 sales.....TOP-RATED SELLER....I will shoot a 1-minute testimonial or Interview, very casual, to appear as real as possible. Stutters, pauses, and errors will make this seem quite real. I will provide what the SAMPLE shows....If you want ANYTHING different, I will try to help, but it will cost Extra Attire, background, length, edits, captions, logos, embeddings: Extra Send 5 bullet points to cover in the video Total words: 75. it's ad lib only. Please look at the video here>>> http://youtu.be/6D4mMe1KMjk Please be as detailed as you can (within reason) with what you want me to include.
It saves us both a lot of grief. Be aware that while I am happy to re-shoot one that does not please you, I won t do that (free) if YOUR instructions did not include what you wanted to see/hear.
Pronunciations are YOUR responsibility; make SURE I understand them, no re-shoots or refunds for this.
 I am not a mind-reader, so don t expect me to figure it out thank you!!!! 
No Refunds, ONE Free Modification only.