I will record 125 word Pro Voiceover, British or American in 48 hrs

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record 125 word Pro Voiceover, British or American in 48 hrs
record 125 word Pro Voiceover, British or American in 48 hrs
Wonderfully spoken and great service!
Reviewed by christine777 2 months ago
thanks again becky!
Reviewed by oversaturate 3 months ago
Great tone, easy to work with; professional!
Reviewed by admin199 4 months ago
My second time using Becky and was not disappointed. Timely, professional and exactly what I was looking for. Will use again!
Reviewed by revjcmatthews 5 months ago
I was very pleased with my voice over. The final file was exactly what I'm looking for. Thank you so much
Reviewed by cathydi17 5 months ago
Great work and super fast turnaround! Great audio quality and editing. No pops, clicks, or mouth noises. PERFECT! Thanks so much for your great work!
Reviewed by rahulkajla1 5 months ago
Good Experience!
Reviewed by regagt4life 6 months ago
Really high quality read and fast turn around. I am very happy with what i got!
Reviewed by encrypt99 6 months ago
The seller was very responsive to my request for changes, which was due to insufficiently clear instructions from me.
Reviewed by bizmakyt 6 months ago
Very quick turn-around with ultimate professionalism. 3HUE's voice for everything going forward.
Reviewed by shottarum 6 months ago
Timely and very pleased!
Reviewed by revjcmatthews 6 months ago
An incredibly good voice over artist, very consistent and great audio quality.
Reviewed by rahulkajla1 6 months ago
I know that one day Becky will be Top Rated Seller. Good job and I believe she has a potenitial to be even better.
Reviewed by aroundtheworld0 6 months ago
Great person to work with.
Reviewed by kgeorgesgroup 6 months ago
Amazing read
Reviewed by encrypt99 6 months ago
5 Stars! This track is EVERYTHING I asked for, and required no revisions. She completely brought my vision to life. I don't know if this was her first "robotic British GPS voice" gig or not, but she is excellent and delivered quickly. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by ladypub 6 months ago
Thanks Becky for all of your work! - Amazing Very quick and efficient and happy to meet your needs! High recommend
Reviewed by nicole_mitch 6 months ago
Thank you so much
Reviewed by kwikvideomaker 6 months ago
record 125 word Pro Voiceover, British or American in 48 hrs
record 125 word Pro Voiceover, British or American in 48 hrs

About This Gig

Need a 12-HOUR Delivery?  After I receive an inbox message from you, I will send a Custom Order Invoice in the amount of  $20 for your script of up-to-125 words. 

  • Charge for each additional range of 1 to 125 words of the above-mentioned script: $15.

What You Can Expect From Me!

Professional Audio File(s):

-- High-quality

-- Edited (for removal of unnatural breaths and pauses)

  • 48-hour 125-word Basic Package: $5
  • 24-hour Delivery of Up-to-125 word script: $10

Order 2 Basic Packages for scripts of 126 to 250 words.

***PROOFREADING of Basic Package INCLUDED***

***For scripts-over-250-words, I will send a custom order.***

For COMMERCIAL USE a nominal fee of only $10.00.

Get my 'Extra' services including:

  • SEPARATION Extra - Separate Your Order (Add $5/two files)

  • UP NEXT Extra - Record Your Order NEXT (Add $5)

  • SYNC Extra - Sync To Your Video (Add $10)

  • MUSIC Extra - Add Your PROVIDED Music ($10)

  • TIMED Extra - Follow Your Timing Request (Add $5)

  TIMED Extra Example:

  --  "Add 3-second pause between some or all lines"

  --  "Ensure the audio is ___ minutes. or seconds in length"

I look forward to working with you!

Order Details

Basic Package

Up to 125 words sent as one (1) MP3 or WAV file.

  • Script Proofreading
  • HQ Audio File
2 days delivery 1 Revision