I will teach python programming basics

teach python programming basics

About This Gig

I will give a one hour lesson providing everything you need to know to start programming in Python.  Why learn Python? Python is easy to learn! You can learn alot of python in an hour.  Python look great! Programming is an art but many people forget that the code itself is apart of the beauty. Python teaches you to write beautiful code by using proper indentation but you'll learn more about that later.  Python is alot of fun! Think about it, suddenly not being limited to the convential bounderies of software. We have all needed a function that just is not provided. A 1 hour lesson gives a future programmer the ability to write a few lines of code to solve almost any problem.  With technology becoming an ever increasingly important part of our lives it just makes sense to learn to work with it.
The ability to automate task's is something every employer will value you for trust me. Lessons are live with free and live installation support. All material is hands on and lessons are no pressure. If you feel like you are not absorbing the information you will have the option to go over the material a second time free of charge.

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2 days delivery