I will draw a chibi anime character

Awesome job! Was happy to make a few adjustments that I asked too. Recommended! :)
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Outstanding Experience!
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Awesome provider. Easy to work with, great communicator and genuinely wants to create a product you love. :)
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Always a great experience. Thanks so much!
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This drawing really super cute and looks so much like the baby (photo submitted).Artist did a fantastic job.
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Great work! I will definitely recommend this seller!
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Outstanding Experience!
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Great work!
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Freakin' FANTASTIC! Thank you very much.
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Good Experience!
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That is exactly what I wanted!!! Great work and responsiveness. Quality work completed on time. I will definitely be purchasing from this seller again! :)
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I love the work! Exactly what I pictured and asked for :)
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Rock star work, you get it right for me every time. You do great work, you communicate well, you have awesome turn around time and you always bring my vision to life. Another logo done! I LOVE IT!
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Absolutely love it!!!!! Just amazing :) Thanks so much!!!!!
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another great piece of art from this artist.
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Thumbs up
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Very good!
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always perfect, thank you very much for your good work!!!!!!!
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She gets it right for me every single time!!!!!! <3
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Absolutely amazing work. I'll be back for more...
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draw a chibi anime character
draw a chibi anime character
draw a chibi anime character

About This Gig

I will draw any person/fictional character/animal (within my ability) as a chibi. 

The term 'chibi' is typically defined as a figure that is usually no more than three or four heads tall, composed in a "super deformed" type of style—over-sized heads and small frames. It's slightly similar to the 'caricature' style that many of us are familiar with.

But chibis have a stronger tie with the anime or manga style of drawing versus the Western style of drawing.

(If you perform a google image search for 'chibi', you can better familiarize yourself with the style.)

Please note that I do not feel comfortable, and therefore will not, mimic another artist's style. I feel that this defeats the purpose of my gig. 

As I am also not comfortable drawing anything explicit, I reserve the right to decline a gig if the image you are asking me to provide is highly not-safe-for-work. 

Be sure to check out my previous work samples before you commit to a gig with me so we can avoid any styling issues! What you see in the samples is my style and that's the format your image will be drawn in. Thank you! :)

Order Details

Single Chibi

One chibi image will full color and shading, with transparent background.

  • Color
  • Full Body
  • 1 Figure
20 days delivery 1 Revision

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you mimic the style of (insert another artist here)?
    No. I do not feel comfortable mimicking the style of another artist, whether they are here on Fiverr or located somewhere else. And if I were to do so, that defeats the point of my gig, which is to provide you an image in my own [chibi] style.
  • You charge too much, will you lower your price?
    No. For the amount of time, effort, and care that I put into each one of these images, the cost of the basic gig is quite reasonable (keep in mind that the site takes a portion of my sales as commission). And like you, I need to eat and pay my bills too—being an artist isn't an exception to this!
  • Why aren't backgrounds included in the basic gig price?
    For me, backgrounds tend to take a lot longer than the figure itself. So in order to provide your chibi as quick as possible, I've omitted the background. If you'd like to have one, you can purchase it as a gig extra. :) But keep in mind it'll take a few days to draw the background for you.
  • Do I have rights to my image?
    Yes (for the most part). It'd be great to get some sort of credit, but not necessarily required. And the only thing I usually ask clients is if I can use their image in my portfolios (hard copy and online). Otherwise I'm not super stingy. We can discuss purchase of rights also, if you so desire.
  • How do you feel about NSFW gig requests?
    As I stated in the gig description, I'm not really comfortable with that. If you want your figure in a bikini or something of that nature, that's fine; and that's the extent of how NSFW I'm willing to draw. Sorry! :(
  • I don't have a photo reference, but, I can provide a description.. will that be okay?
    I'll work, to the best of my abilities, with whatever you can provide. But if you could find some sort of existing example for me to work from, even if it's not 100% what you're looking for, that'll help. Combining any form of image reference and description is always best.
  • I'd like to provide this image as a gift, can I get it before the 20 day turn around?
    I'll likely be able to work with your request if you message me ahead of time about it—before purchasing the gig (if possible). I travel a lot for both school and my part time job, so I'm not always at my work space. But if you ask me ahead of time, I'll do my best to accommodate your request!